No-Contact/Restraining Order

No-Contact Order (Civil)

A Civil No-Contact Order is a domestic violence case, an order forbidding the defendant from having any contact with the protected party. This order is issued at the request of the protected party according to Iowa Code 236.3A (PDF). This process begins at the Clerk of Court Civil Division for the county in which the victim resides. The Clerk of Court will provide the Sheriff's Office with the order to serve upon the defendant.

No-Contact Order (Criminal)

A Criminal No-Contact Order prohibits contact with the protected party by the defendant. This order is issued automatically by the courts in domestic violence cases according to Iowa Code 664A.3(1) (PDF). This normally involves an arrest of the defendant prior to the no-contact order being issued.

Restraining Order/Injunction

A court order prohibiting someone from doing some specified act or commanding someone to undo some wrong or injury. A judicial process operating in personam, and requiring person to whom it is directed to do or refrain from doing a particular thing. Generally, it is a preventative and protective remedy, aimed at future acts, and is not intended to redress past wrongs. Consult your attorney about the need and ability to obtain a restraining order/injunction.