Mobility Coordinator

Linn County is one of the few counties in the state of Iowa to have a designated Mobility Coordinator. The main role of the coordinator is to serve as a connection between all modes of community transportation to ensure the needs of the public are met.

In Linn County, our Mobility Coordinator leads a Transportation Advisory Group, which meets quarterly to address transportation needs in our communities and develop solutions for those needs. The Mobility Coordinator and Management Program in Linn County is made possible through funding from the Iowa Department of Transportation and Linn County, with additional support from local human service and transportation agencies.

Mobility Management

Mobility management can be defined as:

  • Easy-to-understand information and referrals to assist individuals in learning about and accessing community and regional transportation services
  • A group of transportation providers, planners and community stakeholders to collaborate, plan, implement and maintain a family of transportation services
  • Local and regional solutions to fit community needs and visions
  • Assisting transportation-challenged populations, such as youth, people with disabilities, older adults and people with low incomes, in getting where they need to go so they can live productive lives in their communities
  • Innovation in transportation service and coordination


All citizens are informed of and have access to coordinated transportation services that promote independence and enhance their quality of life.


Promote, create and advocate for transportation services through community input, resource coordination and development of strategic partnerships.

If you need transportation information or assistance contact Linn County's Mobility Coordinator, Terry Bergen, or visit our Mobility Management website: or call 365-RIDE (365-7433).