Work Release

Under Iowa law, a person sentenced to serve jail time is eligible for Work Release upon order of the Judge of the District Court.

Work Release may be approved by appropriate Court Order and Correctional Center authorization for the following purposes:

  • seek employment
  • employment
  • attend an educational institution
  • medical treatment

Upon receipt of a court order approving Work Release, the individual will be responsible for scheduling jail time with the Sheriff's Office Finance Division, retrieving a Work Release Information sheet (PDF) and upon its completion, will make an appointment two weeks prior to meet with the Correctional Center Shift Sergeant to complete the Work Release Agreement and to determine a schedule for either a job search/employment hours/education.

If you are requesting to serve time from another County, the Court Order must specify that you can serve the time in the Linn County Correctional Center. Payment of $60 per day must be paid in advance for all days required to serve. You will not be allowed to serve an out of County jail sentence until all fees have been paid. Approval must be obtained from the Jail Administrator to serve time from another County.

The Sheriff requires daily fees in advance (for a minimum of 7 days) in cash.

Inmates on work release will be permitted to bring in a maximum of three changes of work clothing, which will be maintained in his/her assigned work release locker. Male Work Release inmates will launder their own clothing in the machines provided. Female Work Release inmates will have their clothing laundered by inmate workers in the laundry. All clothing shall be placed in an individual container supplied for this purpose.

In-house disciplinary actions can lead to a temporary suspension of work release privileges for up to five (5) days. Any actions that involve restrictions greater than five (5) days will be reported to the court in a petition requesting a revocation of work release privileges.

All work release inmates will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing. Refusal to submit may result in the loss of the work release privilege. Inmates may have their privileges suspended up to five (5) days pending investigation.

Inmates eligible for work release shall have the opportunity to pursue educational and vocational skills and training programs available in the Cedar Rapids area. The court order must specify education as a reason for release.

Work Release Locker Policy

As a work release inmate you will be assigned a personal property locker. You will be required to post a $10 security key deposit. The deposit will be returned to you at the time of your release from the Linn County Correctional Center and the return of the security locker key. The security locker key will be your total responsibility while you are serving time as a work release inmate. No other person should have access to it and you will take it with you to your cellblock when you return from work each day. This will make you completely responsible for all of your personal belongings (money, jewelry, wallet, etc.). Failure to turn in this key will cause you to forfeit the $10 deposit.

Drug Test Policy

The work release inmate must understand and agree to report to the Linn County Correctional Center initially and each and every day thereafter free of any alcohol and/or drugs in their system and to arrive on time. If an inmate fails to follow this rule and turn themself in under the influence they may be charged with public intoxication and could forfeit their work release. The inmate must also understand that they are required to pay a total of $10 for an entry-level drug test and one to be administered during their stay. If the inmate fails this test, they will not be allowed to go out for work until they test negative.