Dust Control

Gravel roads will generate dust in varying amounts based on the amount of traffic the road sees and the type of weather the seasons bring. Linn County Secondary Roads applies safety chloride to various road and rock overlays each season. 

View the 2023 Linn County Secondary Road Chloride Application Map.

Additionally, applications to help control the amount of dust produced are available to be applied by the individual property owner, private contractor or the county with an approved permit. Starting in 2023, Linn County will only apply seal coat. All other types of dust control will need to be applied by a private contractor. Property owners can sign up for dust control application during the set sign up periods. No late permits will be accepted. Each applicator sets their own deadline that will be on or before the deadlines below. Please contact them to verify.

View a list of private contractors and their dust control offerings (PDF).

First Sign Up Period: April 1 - May 10

  • Application by private contractor
  • Application by property owner
  • Application of seal coat by County

Second Sign Up Period: June 1 - July 10

  • Application by private contractor
  • Application by property owner

Information about sign up dates and the dust control products available through the county is available in our Dust Control Information Sheet (PDF).

View the County’s Fugitive Dust Control Policy (PDF).

Dust Control Permits

Individuals having dust control applied to county roads adjacent to their property must obtain a permit, regardless of who is doing the application. If you are hiring a private applicator, are applying it yourself or are wanting to maintain previous years seal coat, the permit fee is $50 and is non-refundable. If you are having the County apply seal coat, the fee is the cost per foot for the length you are wanting applied. All fees are due prior to dust control being applied.

Types of Dust Control

There are multiple options for dust control on rock roads. The County only offers seal coat with a minimum of 150 feet and any additions past that in 50-foot increments. Additional products are available through private contractors. The private contractors set their own deadlines, minimum footage, and prices. Please contact the private applicator for more information.

Note: No product will produce a completely dust free experience.

  • Calcium Chloride
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Lignin Sulfonate
  • Soy Oil
  • Seal Coat

Seal Coat - Applied by County

A seal coat is a thicker cut back and rock chips placed on a prepared base. A new seal coat requires oil (MC-70) to be placed as a tack coat before application. Additional seal coat applications can be made over top as long as the surface has been maintained and is in good shape. The surface with the seal coat will become dust free over time with rain and traffic. 

Seal Coat - $4.50 per foot - over an existing Seal Coat (2023 price)

Seal Coat - $8.50 per foot - New (Includes MC-70 prime) (2023 price)

Dust Control Permit - Retain Seal Coat from Previous Year (PDF)