Secondary Road Permits

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Online applications are available to homeowners and contractors for the following permits:

Entrance Permit

Request to build a new entrance, modify an existing entrance, or have an entrance reviewed for a Planning and Zoning case.

E-911 Permit

Request for a new address to be assigned to a new house or other structure.

No Spray Permit

Request to have an area in the secondary road right-of-way not sprayed. 

Work in Right-of-Way Permit

  • Burn Ditch
  • Ditch Shape or Clean
  • Fence Installation/Maintenance
  • Light Installation/Maintenance
  • Plantings
  • Sign Installation/ Maintenance
  • Tile
  • Other

Apply for a permit online.

For assistance, contact the Secondary Road Department at 319-892-6400 or send an email

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