Resources (Outside Agencies)

Resource Phone Number
6th Judicial District Department of Corrections (DOC) 319-398-3675
Cedar Rapids Police Department 319-286-5491
Department of Transportation (Cedar Rapids) 319-377-6461
Directory Assistance                  411
Gerald Hinzman 319-398-3668
Hiawatha Police Department 319-393-1212
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) 319-221-1550
Iowa State Patrol 319-396-4414
Lary Nelson Center 319-398-3600
Legal Aid 319-364-6108
Linn County Attorney Office 319-892-6350
Linn County Clerk of Court 319-398-3411
Linn County Public Defender 319-398-3690
Lisbon Police Department 319-455-2452
Marion Police Department 319-377-1511
Mt Vernon Police Department 319-895-6141
U.S. Federal Courthouse (Cedar Rapids) 319-286-2300
U.S. Marshals (Cedar Rapids) 319-362-4411