Core Services

What We Do

  • Identify unmet needs and make recommendations to fill gaps in the community
  • Provide staff support to community collaborations
  • Provide staff support and planning for community events
  • Collect and analyze data to produce community reports

Community Funding 

Linn County Community Services reallocates funds back to the community to fill gaps that have been identified throughout the year, if there are unspent funds at the end of the fiscal year. Previously funded programs include:

  • Aging Services Witwer
  • Arc of East Central Iowa
  • Central City Food Program
  • Linn County Community Winter Overflow Shelter
  • Eastern Iowa Health Center - Dental Center
  • Horizons Meals on Wheels (MOW)
  • Linn Area Partners Action in Disaster (LAP AID) Emergency Support
  • Neighborhood Transportation System (NTS)
  • Reintegration Initiative for Safety and Empowerment (RISE) / Fresh Start
  • Springville Area Neighborhood Service and Information (SANSI)
  • Southeast Linn Community Center
  • Waypoint - Child Care Assistance

Community Collaborations  

Linn County Community Resources Committee

The Linn County Resources Committee is made up of more than 30 different organizations that annually reviews and updates resource sheets for the community. Visit the Community Resources page to access the resource sheets.

Linn County Continuum of Care

The Linn County Continuum of Care Planning & Policy Council was established in October of 2000, and consists of more than 58 organizations. Its mission is "To organize and maintain a strategic network of community interests in Linn County, Iowa, that will identify and coordinate housing and services to meet the specific needs of homeless people or those at-risk of becoming homeless."

To achieve this mission, the Continuum of Care Planning & Policy Council regularly assesses community needs and develops reports and manuals to improve service coordination and delivery in the community. View the reports and manuals:

Local Homeless Coordinating Board 

The Linn County Local Homeless Coordinating Board oversees the administration of the Emergency Food and Shelter Grant. Linn County applies for funding provided by the Department of Homeland Security through the Emergency Food and Shelter Grant program to reallocate back to the community and makes funding decisions based on program outcomes and community need for emergency shelter and feeding services.

Core Services also participates in a number of other collaborations to identify and fill community gaps including the Eastern Iowa Freedom From Hunger, Hope Committee, Transportation Advisory Group, Immigrant Concerns, Elder Meal Study/ Innovation Grant Committee and others as needs arise.

Community Event Planning

Core Services also participates in the planning of community events that bring awareness to important issues and get the necessary resources and information to populations in need, including:

  • Abilities in Action Conference: The Abilities in Action Conference and Expo is a premiere combination of information and technology for professionals working in the disability field.
  • ADA Celebration Event: This event is a celebration of the American with Disabilities Act of 1990 to bring awareness to the importance of this act as well as discuss pertinent issues that still impact persons with disabilities today.
  • Five Seasons Stand Down Event: The Five Seasons Stand Down connects homeless or near-homeless Veterans and non-Veterans to services that assist them in transitioning to community living.