Expectations of Advisory Board & Commission Members

The Linn County Board of Supervisors has certain expectations of members of its commissions and advisory boards. These guidelines should be considered by individuals before seeking appointment:

  • As a commission / advisory board member, you have a role in guiding your respective organization in the accomplishment of its purpose, goals and objectives. To accomplish this task, a commission / advisory board should operate with a list of objectives to guide its work each year. This list might be developed at yearly planning sessions. An objective is a brief statement of the results you wish to accomplish by a definite time period. This listing of results gives a sense of direction to the body.
  • Members shall become familiar with the budget of the respective commission / advisory board under consideration (if applicable) and its relationship to the overall County budget.
  • Members shall be sensitive to potential conflicts of interest.
  • Members shall make every attempt to follow the rules of fairness and objectivity in all activities concerning the commission or advisory board.
  • Members shall adhere to the open meetings law.
  • Members shall make every effort to attend commission or advisory board meetings (have at least 90% attendance at meetings), be punctual, be considerate of everyone's point of view, and be prepared to take an active role in board / commission or advisory committee activities.
  • Members shall, if eligible for reappointment, notify the Board of Supervisors of continuing interest to serve.
  • If it becomes necessary to resign from a commission or advisory board, the member shall notify, in writing, the Board of Supervisors.