Water & Land Legacy Bond Public Review Board


The Water and Land Legacy Public Review Board is charged with reviewing and monitoring compliance with water quality, land protection, and trail and park improvements. The improvements were approved by Linn County voters in 2016 and funded through a $40 million dollar general obligation bond issuance backed by the full faith and credit of the County (e.g. taxable property in the county.) The Board of Supervisors appoints members. The 15-member board serves a three-year term. Members are limited to two consecutive terms.

Board Members (three-year terms)

NameTerm Expires
Brian Banowetz12/31/2021
Marie DeVries12/31/2021
Kristin Eschweiler, Co-Chair12/31/2022
Jennifer Fencl12/31/2020
Lindsey Flannery12/31/2021
Grant Harper12/31/2020
Greg Johnston, Secretary12/31/2021
John Lindstrom, Vice Chair12/31/2022
David Osterberg12/31/2022
Russell Oviatt12/31/2021
Jason Russell, Co-Chair12/31/2020
John Sklarsky12/31/2022
Jodi Treharne12/31/2022
Kim Wyman12/31/2022


The board meets at least once every six months and may meet more frequently as needed to review the state of legacy bond funded projects. The meetings are held at the Jean Oxley Linn County Public Service Center, 935 Second Street SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

Agendas & Minutes

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