About Linn County

Linn County is located in East Central Iowa and is the second most populous county in the state. Originally home to the Sac, Fox and Winnebago tribes, this area’s first settlers arrived in 1836. In 1839, the area was named Linn County in recognition of Lewis Fields Linn, a Missouri senator and strong proponent of Western expansion and development. The first rail line was established in Cedar Rapids in 1859. Barge and rail transportation were key in the emergence of Cedar Rapids as the freight, commerce and grain milling center of Eastern Iowa. Today, the city is home to some of the largest grain processing companies in the world – Quaker Oats, Cargill, ADM Corn Processing, Ingredion, Genencor, Ralston Foods and General Mills. The rural areas of Linn County grew as well. Farmsteads appeared and small communities developed. The communities varied in size, but often retail merchandise, professional services and social activities became available for those nearby.


Linn County is one of the fastest growing areas in Iowa. A report from the Population and Economic Forecasts Technical Advisory Committee predicted a 10 percent population increase each decade through 2030 and job growth of 14 percent to 21 percent each decade.


Linn County is Iowa’s largest manufacturing center and home to major employers in industries that include grain processing, aerospace, food and beverage, biosciences, information technology and renewable energy. The variety of companies located here provide economic stability to the local economy. Modest growth in manufacturing will continue even though major employment gains continue to be in service industries with financial services representing the largest growth area from the prior year. Only about 2 percent of Linn County employment population is directly employed in farming.

Demographic Profile

Per Capita Personal Income$56,660
Median Age37
Public School Enrollment38,451
Private School Enrollment3,151
Unemployment 3.9%

Source: FY20 Linn County Comprehensive Annual Report

Linn County Quick Facts

Linn County FY22 Budget
$130.7 million
Percent of Budget from Property Taxes
Square Miles
Approximate Miles of Secondary Roads
Linn County manages over 8,300 acres in the form of parks, preserves, natural areas and trails.