Board of Adjustment


The  Board of Adjustment (BOA) hears and decides on appeals for Variances and Special Exceptions for proposed improvements which do not meet Linn County Zoning regulations. The BOA also hears and decides on Conditional Use Permits and on appeals of the Zoning Administrator’s decision where an error of law is alleged in the decision.  Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The majority of the BOA must reside outside the corporate limits of any city. Members serve a five year term with an expectation that they will not serve more than two consecutive terms.  Terms are set by Chapter 107 of the Linn County Code of Ordinances.

Board Members (five-year terms)

NameTerm Expires
Ron Hoover12/31/22
Margaret Burns12/31/21
Michael Martin12/31/24
Brandy Meisheid12/31/23
Sara Alden12/31/25


The board meets the last Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Jean Oxley Public Service Center at 935 2nd St. SW, Cedar Rapids.