Township Officers

The Role of the Township Officers

Township trustees are responsible for directly providing or contracting for fire protection and emergency services, maintaining cemeteries, enforcing fence regulations and other tasks as needed. Township officers consist of three trustees and one clerk who are required to meet at least twice a year. Township officers may be appointed by the Linn County Board of Supervisors or elected

There are 20 townships in Linn County. Nine townships elect their officers and the other 10 townships’ officers are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and Rapids Township has no county officers. The Rapids Township officers are abolished by Iowa Code statues (§359.24, 359.25) and their duties are performed by the Cedar Rapids city clerk and city council.

Expectations of the Township Officers

Townships must comply with open meeting and public record laws and clerks are responsible for keeping a record of all trustee proceedings and acts. A clerk is also required to prepare a budget and certify the necessary tax levy to the Linn County Auditor for the next fiscal year, and prepare an annual financial report. There are no limits on trustees or clerks serving subsequent terms.

Linn County Township Officers

Don't know which township you live in? Find your township officers with your rural address.

Township Budgets

Townships officers (appointed or elected) submit their budget to the Auditor for certification.  The Iowa Department of Management maintains the certified budgets online.

View township valuations and budgets for Fiscal Year 2021 to current fiscal year

View township valuations and budgets for Fiscal Year 2020 or older.

Township Annual Financial Reports

Townships officers (appointed or elected) submit an annual financial report to the Auditor by September 30 each year.  

View the FY22 township annual financial reports.

View the FY21 township annual financial reports.