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The Linn County Assessor’s Office assesses real property in Linn County, Iowa with the exception of property in Cedar Rapids. The effective date of assessment is January 1 of each year.

By statute, every odd-numbered year is a reassessment year in Iowa. In reassessment years, assessors have the statutory responsibility to reassess all property in their jurisdiction and to notify property owners of the change in their property’s value. Assessors seek value, not revenue. Assessors do not calculate taxes, determine the tax rates, or collect taxes. 

*If you live in the city limits of Cedar Rapids, your Assessor is the Cedar Rapids City Assessor.


  • Assess all real property within Linn County, including Residential, Multi-Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial (except property in Cedar Rapids)
  • Assess property for tax purposes
  • Administer property tax credits and exemptions

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