Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Linn County has partnered with Mercy Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to provide employees and employees’ dependent family members confidential assessment and short-term counseling. 

  1. EAP is designed to assist employees and their family members with problems that are affecting their personal lives and/or work performance. Some of their service examples are:
    • Stress
    • Relationships
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Substance misuse
    • Mental health
    • Financial and legal counseling
  1. Mercy EAP is a short-term assessment/counseling option that anyone working for Linn County can use.
    • The first five (5) assessments or counseling sessions per calendar year per family are free
    • Because this is a staff benefit, and not an insurance benefit, employees can use this service even if they are not enrolled in Linn County benefits 
    • Mercy EAP can also help connect employees to long-term solutions after the five (5) sessions are used 
  1. To schedule an appointment, please call a scheduler at 319-398-6575. They will help set up an appointment at one of several locations including, but not limited to: 
    • Hiawatha
    • Marion
    • Monticello
    • Mount Vernon 
    • Cedar Rapids 

If you are struggling and need help immediately, please call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.


 “I first used EAP services about 12 years ago. I initially reached out due to family issues, personal mental health issues and alcohol use concerns. I took the first appointment available but did not feel like there was a good connection with the provider. About a year later I returned, again taking the first appointment available and still was not comfortable with the provider. I requested a different provider within the EAP services and found one that I really liked and continued to see her for many years. She has helped me through multiple life changing situations such as divorce, death, survivor of suicide, alcohol use concerns, mental health struggles, family issues and even COVID and Derecho. The last time I used EAP services was in 2021, but I know that this is an option that is still available to me. My advice is to be patient with the EAP process. Advocate for yourself and ask questions. And lastly, remember that as with any provider, you may have to wait to be seen and many different treatment options might have to be sought out to find the one that works for you. Please know that if you are in crisis or an emergent situation that there are services more geared to that need such as 988, Foundation 2 Crisis Line 319-362-2174, the Mental Health Access Center or Emergency Services.”

 “I personally have a pretty strong understanding of mental health but when I found myself struggling with a new career, young children and just an overwhelming feeling of everyday stress weighing in on me, I turned to our EAP for assistance.  The process was fairly easy.  I first made the initial phone call into Mercy EAP line and discussed what types of issues I was struggling with and was given a choice of what area I would want to work on first and then options for office location.  I did have to wait about a week for my specific choices to become available.  I met with a counselor at the Marion office and she really helped me address the immediate needs I had.  When it came to the end of my sessions available through EAP, she helped me find a more ongoing therapist to continue to see.” 

EAP Brochure (PDF) | What is EAP (PDF)