Geocaching - Linn Parks Challenge

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25 hidden caches can be found at 25 Linn County parks, preserves and historic sites.  Using a free geocaching phone app that can be downloaded to nearly any smart phone, the Linn Parks Challenge directs people to these areas.  If you make it to all 25, you qualify for a free souvenir medallion. The challenge takes people to more familiar places like Wanatee Park and Pinicon Ridge Park as well as more remote natural areas like Hitaga Sand Prairie and Goose Pond.   It also features historic sites managed by the department like Abbe Creek School and Museum and the Center Point Historic Depot

To participate in the Linn Parks Challenge you will need:

1. A Smart Phone (or handheld GPS unit)
2. Download the Geocaching App
3. A Basic Membership Account with
The Linn Parks Challenge Printable Passport
5. A Sense of Adventure

geocache container in the woods

The Linn Parks Challenge offers adventure without requiring a lot of travel time. This geocaching adventure serves as a reminder that Linn County parks and preserves are never too far away.   It gets folks outside and introduces families to the wide array of beautiful public spaces that are available.

What is a geocache?

Geocaches are small containers with a log book, crayon, and rubbing plate inside. You must use the crayon to create a rubbing in the passport of the secret word for the corresponding cache.  

Discover wildlife areas, trek through the woods, and stretch your legs on a trail. The great part about this challenge is that by the end you’ll know where tons of cool places are to hike, bike, camp and explore.

How do I get started?

Download the app and print the Linn Parks Challenge Geocaching Passport for your location.

How do I find a geocache?

There are several geocaching apps/websites, but we recommend using and its app available through Groundspeak Inc. You just need the free basic membership for the Linn Parks Challenge.

 Download the App

The paid app ($9.99) offers additional features and a more comprehensive map view and is great once you know you like geocaching, but remember, the free one works for this challenge.  Don't have a smart phone? You could use a handheld GPS unit as well.  


You’ve finally found all 25 caches in the Linn Parks Challenge! You’re sweaty and tired and feeling very accomplished. Bring your completed passport to Wickiup Hill Learning Center during regular business hours and turn it in for your reward – a special Geocoin.  

Geocoin for Linn Parks Challenge

Print your location passport, download the app, and start your adventure!