County Home Road Improvement Project

County Home Road 2020-2021 Construction Project 

The County Home Road project is complete and open to all traffic. The construction improvement project included concrete paving, paved shoulders, the addition of right and left turn lanes, and single lane roundabouts at the C Ave Ext and N Alburnett Road.

Project Details

The project was let on February 18, 2020 and the project was awarded to Horsfield Construction, Inc. of Epworth, Iowa for a cost of $7,934,357.90. The project is funded through Farm-to-Market, Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the federal-aid funding swap program through the Iowa DOT.  The project was completed on Wednesday September 15, 2021.

Project scheduled for lettingComplete
Start DateComplete
October 2020Phase 2 (Gilmore Road to Alburnett Road)
Shouldering, pavement markings, etc.Complete
October 2020Phase 3 (Alburnett Road to Highway 13)Shouldering, pavement markings, etc.Complete
6/9/2021Phase 1 (N Center Point Road to C Ave Ext)Concrete pavingComplete
September 2021
Anticipated completionComplete

Turn Lanes

Turn lanes were constructed at each intersection, excluding C Ave Ext and Alburnett Road. Designated turn lanes will allow traffic to slow down safely without impeding through traffic by removing turning vehicles from the mainline traffic. Studies have shown turn lanes can reduce rear end and right angle crashes.

Why Roundabouts?

Roundabouts were chosen at C Ave Ext and Alburnett Road for increased safety and traffic flow. In the correct location, roundabouts have been proven safer and more efficient than other types of intersections. Roundabouts provide lasting benefits and value in many ways and are often less costly and more aesthetically appealing than conventional intersection designs. 

Map of County Home Road showing roundabout locations