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Welcome to Food Share Linn

Food Share Linn is a partnership of Linn County stakeholders determined to reduce food insecurity and waste within our community. This is accomplished by redirecting safe, overproduced food away from the landfill or compost and into the hands of people who need it.

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Why Do It

In Linn County, over 695 tons of food is wasted per year. At the same time, there are 24,000 people within the Linn County community who are food insecure. Food insecurity is defined by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion as, “the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of lack of money and other resources.”

How it's Done

Food Share Linn brings community donor and recipient organizations together by leveraging technology using the ChowBank app. The app allows the donor to send a notification to recipients that a food donation is available. Recipients can then use the app to “accept” the donation. Donation delivery is decided by the donor and recipient.   

What is a food donor organization?

A food donor organization could be a restaurant, grocery store, commissary kitchen, caterer, convenience store, or other establishment licensed to sell food. 

What is a social service recipient organization?

A social service recipient organization is a group that collects and distributes food to people in the community. These organizations could include food pantries, meal sites, charitable organizations, or churches. 

Liability Protection When Donating Food

The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act contains the following: 

  1. Provides protection to good faith donors of food from liability should the product later cause harm to its recipient.
  2. It does not protect gross negligence where intentional harm to the health of others occurs as a result of food donation.