Victim Forms

The Linn County Attorney’s Office will mail or email you a Victim Packet containing the three forms listed below.  

1. Victim Registration Form

If you would like to be kept informed of the status of the case, you must complete this form.

These are the agencies you can register with and the information they can provide:

Linn County Attorney’s OfficeTrial and sentencing hearing dates
Linn County Sheriff’s DepartmentOffender’s release or escape from jail
Linn County Clerk of CourtSentencing order
Department of CorrectionsNotice of release or escape from prison
Department of ParoleNotice of parole hearings
Clerk of the Supreme CourtNotice of appeal hearings

2. Victim Restitution Form

Financial loss and/or expenses must be recorded on this form.

  • This information will be used at the time of sentencing to determine the restitution amount the defendant will be ordered to pay you.
  • Pain and suffering cannot be granted in a criminal case.
  • If you have paid an insurance deductible, note this on the form as well.
  • If you have medical expenses, counseling expenses or lost wages, you must apply to the Crime Victim Compensation Program.  See our Resources section for their contact information.

3. Victim Impact Statement

This is your opportunity to tell the Judge how this crime has affected you and what you think an appropriate punishment would be for the defendant.

  • You can provide the Judge with any information you feel would be helpful.
  • You can use additional pieces of paper if needed.
  • It can be hand written or typed.

If you have any questions about filling out these forms, call 319-892-6350 and ask to speak with the Victim/Witness Coordinator assigned to the case.

 Printable Victim Packet (PDF)