Human Resources

Core Functions

The Linn County Human Resources Department seeks to include and engage all customers by providing information and assistance, promoting development opportunities, recommending best practices for performance management and contract administration and following equitable, legal and cost-effective employment practices.

We support Linn County’s strategic goals of: 

  • Meeting customer expectations by supporting employees with tools and resources to advance the customer experience
  • Creating a culture of empowered and engaged employees who understand what customers expect of their products and make satisfaction and innovation high priorities
  • Protecting financial assets against loss through risk mitigation.

The departmental outcomes that Human Resources strives to attain include: 

  • Hiring and retaining qualified applicants
  • Empowering and engaging employees
  • Creating satisfying and innovative products
  • Advancing employees’ skills and development
  • Improving the total performance of the workforce
  • Preventing loss from poor, inconsistent or discriminatory practices
  • Listening and making customer satisfaction a priority.

Job Recruiting and Affirmative Action Guidelines

Directs the county’s compliance with federal and state laws and county policies regarding equal opportunity and affirmative action. 

Equal Opportunity

It is the policy of Linn County to recruit and select the most qualified candidates for positions in the County’s service. Recruitment and selection shall be conducted in an affirmative manner which ensures open competition and provides equal employment opportunities as protected by state and federal law. 

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