Information Technology

What We Do

The Information Technology (IT) Department strives to provide County employees with superior customer services that meets or exceeds their expectations, provide them with appropriate technologies by continually improving our services and products, and providing them with the tools to communicate effectively. IT will also provide the citizens of Linn County with public information through our web site portal. The Information Technology Department sets the standards for hardware and software purchases and directs the implementation of new technologies and policies. IT is comprised of four divisions: Infrastructure, Help Desk/Desktop, Development, and GIS. 

Infrastructure Division

  • Maintain the collection of servers
    • Databases
    • Network equipment
    • Connections
      • Voice services
      • Data services
  • Maintains data backups
  • Service continuity planning

Help Desk / Desktop Division

  • Provide hardware and software support via phone calls, emails, and in person visits for
    • Desktops
    • Laptops
    • Printers
    • Mobile devices.
  • Replace aging hardware on a 5-year rotation to maintain a current and supported platform.

Development Division

  • Design and create new in-house applications
    • Software support on in-house applications
    • Analyze and enhance existing applications
  • Administer third party software
    • Develop processes to integrate with third party software
  • Maintain long term document storage

GIS Division 

  • Manage GIS Desktop and Server technologies using Esri products
  • Manage GIS Data Services
  • Manage Linn County GIS Hub
    • Map Applications, Open Data, Map production, Published Maps (PDFs), and Enterprise Applications (Collector for ArcGIS, and Survey for ArcGIS)
  • 911 Data Services
    • Facilitate and manage data services for 911 addresses, centerline address ranges, and Emergency Service Zones (ESZ)
    • Update Master Street Address Guide (MSAG)
    • Update Automatic Location Information (ALI) Data