Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registration Program

The Linn County Sheriff’s Office invites you to register your security camera with the Sheriff’s Office. The public’s participation in the Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registration Program (VSCRP) will strengthen the investigative capabilities of the Sheriff’s Office, reduce crime in our community, and aid in apprehending criminals. When a crime is committed, the Sheriff’s Office will refer to the VSCRP to identify any possible cameras that may have captured video or images pertinent to an investigation. The VSCRP will provide a contact list for the Sheriff’s Office to use in an attempt to expedite and enhance criminal investigations. Camera images/footage will only be requested to assist law enforcement during a criminal investigation. A request would be made to the registered camera owner to voluntarily provide security camera footage from the date and time of the crime. The goal of the VSCRP is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Sheriff’s Office and the community we serve.

Voluntary Surveillance Camera Registration