Group Visits, Day Trips, & Guided Tours

Interested in bringing a group to Wickiup Hill Learning Center?

Wickiup from nest

We love kids (of all ages) to experience nature! However, Wickiup Hill Learning Center is a busy place, especially in the summer, with scheduled filed trips and summer camps happening almost every day.

Trip Tips

  • Wickiup Hill is a "carry in, carry out" facility.  Please bring a trash bag with you to bring your garbage back with you.
  • All wildlife are protected by law. No animal should be moved, harassed or removed from the property. Please observe at an appropriate distance.
  • Trails are marked and many have educational signage along the way. Maps are also available inside.
  • Virtual tour of the Wickiup Hill Learning Center
  • Trail maps (PDF)
  • Geo Tourist  

Self-Guided Policy

To better accommodate groups of 10 or more guests, we ask that you contact the Wickiup Hill conservation education team to plan your self-guided field trip indoors and/or outdoors. All organized groups of 10 or more will need to schedule their visit in advance, so we can be sure there are no conflicts with other large groups and events. 

Educator Program Guide

A variety of programs have been developed for school age children, specifically designed to enhance science and social study subjects and meet many Iowa Core requirements. Mammal, bird, amphibians, reptiles, recreation, habitat, archaeology and Native American programs are all available. Hands-on and minds-on learning opportunities are all in incorporated.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Educator Program Guide (PDF)

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