Mental Health Access Center


What is an Access Center

Mental Health Access Centers are a new concept in Iowa. They provide crisis care for people experiencing a mental health or substance use disorder crisis that requires immediate attention.

We will quickly assess your situation, provide services and supports to help alleviate your crisis and connect you to community-based services. In doing this, we believe we will ultimately reduce the number of unnecessary hospitalizations and arrests and create a healthier community.  

The effort to create an Access Center in Linn County was led by the Linn County Board of Supervisors in partnership with local law enforcement, hospitals, and local mental health partners. Linn County committed $3.5 million for start-up funding. Linn County's Mental Health Access Center (MHAC) is under the management of Linn County Community Services.


The Linn County Mental Health Access Center is located in the former Linn County Public Health building at 501 13th St. NW, Cedar Rapids. 


The Mental Health Access Center is open for walk-ins 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No appointment is necessary.


Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can receive services at the Mental Health Access Center. The Mental Health Access Center receives funding from the East Central Mental Health Region, so you do not need to be a Linn County resident to receive services. Patients can be brought in by law enforcement or mobile crisis teams. Patients can also be brought in with loved ones or come on their own. Use of Mental Health Access Center services is 100 percent voluntary.

Services Available

  • Triage and screening
    • Suicide risk assessment
    • Brain injury assessment
    • Mental health screening
    • Substance use screening
  • Crisis stabilization
  • Crisis observation
  • Subacute services
  • Sobering unit
  • Substance use disorder services
    • Evaluations and connections to treatment
  • Outpatient mental health services
    • Connection to evaluations
    • Connection to counseling services
    • Med management (when available)
    • Peer services

Key Service Providers

Access Center services are provided by:

Service Limitations

The Access Center is not able to serve:

  • Individuals in need of immediate medical care
  • Individuals who are violent at arrival or immediately prior to arrival with a likelihood that they will seriously hurt themselves, other patients, or our employees
  • Minors 17 years old or younger 

Contact Us

Contact Mental Health Access Center staff by email.

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