General Assistance

What We Do

General Assistance serves individuals and families in Linn County who are experiencing a financial crisis. Assistance can be provided for the following:

  • Rent or Mortgage Interest
  • Utility bills
    • Water 
    • Electricity 
    • Gas 
  • Assistance for Final Arrangements

General Assistance can assist temporarily for 1 month or provide ongoing assistance depending on the situation. Please refer to the FAQ section for more information or contact us to see how we may be able to assist with your particular situation. 

Assistance Eligibility

These are the primary eligibility requirements. Please contact our office as there may be additional requirements based on your individual situation.

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of Linn County
  • Earn below 30 percent of the Area Median Income
    • $1,658 for a single adult
    • $1,896 for multiple-person households
  • Cannot be receiving Social Security (can be in the process of applying for assistance) 
  • Cannot have quit or have been terminated from a place of employment within the last 30 days, unless it is the result of a documented health issue
  • Cannot be a student

Get Connected

To access all rent and utility assistance available in Linn County please contact Waypoint services at 319-366-7999. If you believe you meet the assistance eligibility guidelines above and want to seek assistance through Linn County General Assistance, please fill out the online screening form

Please note, if you have a pending eviction help is available through the Iowa Legal Aid Help Desk available now at the Linn County Courthouse. The Help Desk can be accessed at any time before your eviction hearing. Those facing eviction with additional questions can contact Iowa Legal Aid at 1-800-532-1275 for more assistance.

Additional assistance can be found through the Linn County Community Services Resource Sheets or on the United Way 2-1-1 website.

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