Business & Industry Permitting

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If you are a small business (i.e., < 100 employees), the University of Northern Iowa Waste Reduction Center offers free assistance (

Several simple permit application packages are available for common industries requiring permits in Linn County.  Click on the industry below to be taken to a list of exactly which forms are required for a complete application.

  1. Construction application packages for:
    • Paint Booths
    • Emergency Generators > 400 hp (any fuel)
    • Grain Storage or Grain Elevator
    • Ownership Change
  2. Registrations are required for generators < 400 hp (any fuel)
  3. Ownership change.  Permits in Linn County are non-transferrable (LCCO Sec. 10-58(g)(1) and (2)).  For equipment being relocated, an Authorization to Install permit application should be completed for the equipment at the new location.  For change of ownership, the new owner should apply in writing for Permits to Operate for the existing equipment no later than 30 days after the change in ownership.  

EASY Air Electronic Permit Application Submittal (PSD & Title V only)

Linn County is currently evaluating an online module for the digital submittal of local construction permit applications.  Title V and Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) permit applications should be submitted through the Iowa Department of Natural Resources' EASY Air Service (click the icon below to be redirected to the DNR's EASY Air module).

Click here to submit Title V and Prevention of Significant Deterioration permit applications.

Local Construction Permit Guidance

Linn County requires submittal of an application for Authorization to Install (ATI) permits prior to initiating construction.  A limited number of site preparation activities are allowed prior to receipt of an ATI (see the associated list of construction activities allowed prior to permit issuance).  Following completion of installation, facilities are required to apply for and receive a Permit to Operate (PTO) for continued operation.  The ATI permit will allow continued operation until a PTO can be issued, so long as the PTO application is submitted in a timely fashion following completion of installation. 

Guidance DocumentDownloadRevised
Basic Instructions for Air Permit ApplicationPDFOct 2023
Basic Instructions for General Permit or RegistrationPDFOct 2021
Air Quality Fees PolicyPDFApr 2018
Air Quality Fee SchedulePDFApr 2020
Ownership Change FAQPDF
Oct 2021
Confidentiality RequestPDFMay 2022
  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Step 4
  5. Step 5
  6. PTO

Facility Information

Each application needs one of the following forms, regardless of the number of emission units, emission points, or modifications submitted in the application.  Note:  While these parts of the application are labeled numerically, this is for simplicity in grouping and does not necessarily reflect the easiest order in which they can be completed.  A facility will find it easiest to prepare the Form EI, for example, after completing the emissions calculations for each included emission point. 

Form IDConstruction Permit Form DescriptionDownloadRevised
ATI FIAuthorization to Install Facility InformationPDFJul 2020
CPApplication Cover PagePDFOct 2023
EIEmission InventoryPDFJul 2020
GHGGreenhouse Gas Emission InventoryPDFNov 2019
MDNon-PSD Modeling DeterminationPDFOct 2023
EJExemption JustificationPDFNov 2019
VARVariance Request FormPDFNov 2019

Registration / General Permit Forms

  1. Registrations
  2. General Permits

Registrations are required for several common sources in Linn County.  Facilities must comply with all Registration emission limits and operational requirements as written.  If a facility wishes to operate equipment that would otherwise be capable of obtaining a Registration Permit in a way contrary to the emission limits and operational requirements in the template, an Authorization to Install permit application should be submitted.  

Form IDConstruction Permit Form DescriptionDownloadRevised
GDF-REGGasoline Distribution Facility ( 10,000 > gallons > 100,000)PDFOct 2021
IIIIStationary Compression Ignition Engine ( < 400 hp )PDFDec 2021
JJJJStationary Spark Ignition Engine ( < 400 hp )PDFOct 2021
RHR-REGResidential Heater Registration PermitPDFOct 2021

Common Application Packages

  1. Paint Booths
  2. Emergency Generators
  3. Grain Storage & Grain Elevators
  4. Ownership Change

If the paint booth to be permitted has more than one stack, please complete an additional Form EP and Form PTO for each stack.  Paint preparation station emissions are typically incorporated into those emitted from the paint booth.  Please include Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all paints, solvents, and cleaners used at the facility with the complete permit application. 

Form IDConstruction Permit Form DescriptionDownloadRevised
ATI FIAuthorization to InstallPDFJul 2020
CPApplication Cover PagePDFJul 2020
EU3Spray Paint BoothPDFJun 2020
CE7Dry Filter EquipmentPDFJul 2020
EPEmission Point InformationPDFJul 2020
ECEmission CalculationsPDFJul 2020
EIEmission InventoryPDFJul 2020
PTOPermit to OperatePDFJul 2020