Wickiup's Wandering Woods, nature playscape

Wickiup Wandering Woods

Linn County Conservation's nature playscape is in a natural setting, nearly an acre in size, nestled between the woods and the wetland near the Wickiup Hill Learning Center...far away from streets, cars and parking lots.

Children in natural settings are more relaxed, focused, creative, and nurturing. Wickiup's Wandering Woods gives children the stimulation, adventure, and wonder of the outdoors needed to develop a healthy, holistic relationship with nature and themselves. This leads the next generation down the path to becoming future stewards of the natural world. 


  • Climb and Balance
  • Messy Materials
  • Music and Dramatic Play
  • Natural Building Materials
  • Water Play
  • Zip-Line

playscape tree

Hours and Cost

Wickiup’s Wandering Woods is open all seasons from sunrise to sunset, and absolutely no cost to create, engage, and build with nature!