Phase 3


Farm Management

The County has entered into an agreement with the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) to manage the approximate 45-acre farm as part of the project. SILT provides experienced leadership to develop, manage, and conduct agricultural operations at Dows Farm Agri-Community, including growing food for the Dows Farm residents and greater community while providing educational activities to the larger area. The farming operations, anchored at the existing farmstead, include the historic barn, paddock and other farm support facilities with service access from Dows Road.

Governing Documents

The Master Plan illustrates the vision for the Dows Farm Agri-Community. The Master Plan identifies the Conservation Area, the Farm, and the Development Area including neighborhoods. The Master Plan illustrates residential types and densities, streets, green infrastructure, public spaces, and the small, carefully integrated commercial area.

View the Dows Farm Master Plan.

The Governing Plan for Dows Farm Agri-Community provides detailed development criteria. The Governing Plan identifies planning parcels, streets, utility corridors, stormwater management strategies, public spaces, land uses and densities. The intent of the Governing Plan is to provide the detailed development design criteria to be followed by the developer, and to serve as a tool to promote communication and cooperation between adjacent property owners and the developer to ensure a cohesive and unified development.

View the Dows Farm Governing Plan.

The Planned Unit Development (PUD) Regulations, as part of the Linn County Unified Development Code (UDC), provide the zoning mechanism to implement the Governing Plan. The PUD regulations will provide flexibility to allow the mix of uses and residential types that the Master Plan envisions, and will provide the process for review and approval of the various development phases. 

View the PUD Regulations.