Cross Country Ski Trails

Linn County Conservation has over 15 miles of trail available for Cross-Country Skiing during the winter months* cross-country skiers

4" of snow that is not wet and heavy is typically required for our equipment to be able to groom trails. Tracks are usually "rolled" and then "groomed". Morgan Creek Park grooms skate and classic tracks, the other areas are classic tracks on each side of the trail. 

Other trail users are encouraged to please stay off the ski tracks. 

*staff may be attending to other priority snow and winter maintenance items within the park districts before attending to the cross-country ski trails.

Trail Update

(This information is updated when there is new trail maintenance information)

(link to map)
MilesDate of Last
Matsell Bridge Natural Area5

Morgan Creek Park4.8

Wanatee Park3.5

Wickiup Hill Learning Center3.3

There are no longer groomed trails at Pinicon Ridge Park.