What We Do

The Linn County Board of Supervisors created the new Sustainability Program Manager position in 2020 to further Linn County’s commitment to environmental sustainability and resource protection and work towards a more environmentally just future. The Office of Sustainability works to:

  • Equitably address issues of climate adaptation
  • Engage the public in climate action

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The Office of Sustainability completed Linn County's first Greenhouse Gas Inventory (PDF) to assess current emission levels. The Sustainability & Resiliency Advisory Committee will use the Greenhouse Gas Inventory to develop a climate action plan to meet targets laid out in the Linn County 2020 climate resolution

Employee Sustainability Council

The Sustainability Council is comprised of County management staff from Linn County Public Health, Conservation, Facilities, Planning & Development, Policy & Administration, and the Secondary Road departments. The Council’s current role is to evaluate how key County departments such as Planning & Development, Public Health, Facilities, and Conservation can more effectively work towards meeting the goals in the climate resolution through innovative initiatives.

Learn more about Linn County’s previous sustainability work.