Temporary Redistricting Commission

A five-member Temporary Redistricting Commission was appointed by the Linn County Board of Supervisors on May 12, 2021. Linn County currently uses Supervisor District Representation Plan three. Per Iowa code, a Temporary Redistricting Commission must be appointed by May 15 of each year after the decennial census for counties using plan two or three for the election of county supervisors. Plan three provides for election from single-member equal-population districts in which the electors of each district elect one member who must reside in that district.

The Temporary Redistricting Commission will use official census population data from the latest federal decennial census to draw precinct boundaries for unincorporated Linn County in accordance with Iowa Code sections 49.3, 49.4, and 49.6. City councils with more than one voting precinct will draw city precincts. This precinct information will be sent to the Secretary of State for approval. The Legislative Services Agency will then draw supervisor districts based on the precinct information. The 2020 Census data must be finalized before the Temporary Redistricting Commission can begin their work.

The new Board of Supervisor districts will be in effect for the 2022 election.

Additional information about the responsibilities of Temporary Redistricting Commissions is available in Iowa Code section 331.210A on the Iowa Legislature website.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

All meetings of the Temporary Redistricting Commission are public meetings. Agendas are available 24 hours prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Temporary Redistricting Commission Members

Cindy Golding
Sarah Halbrook
Linda Langston
Ralph Russell
Nate Willems