Donations and Volunteering

We appreciate individual, corporate, and community support to assist in our efforts of protecting our natural and cultural resources as well as providing additional access to parks, trails, open spaces, recreational opportunities and educational programming.  Donations have helped pave trails, provide park trees and benches, water fountains, playgrounds, bike repair stations, events for all ages, and so much more.Donations for parks, bike fixing station, education programs

There are numerous ways Linn County Conservation can benefit with your gift. Certain contributions may also be eligible for tax deductibility or other benefits.

  • Inclusion in a will or establishment of a charitable trust
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an Individual Retirement Account
  • Annual donations
  • Year-end gifts
  • Donation of appreciated stocks or property
  • Purchase of life insurance or annuities to provide a future gift
  • An online donation payable with any major credit card
  • A check payable and mailed to:
Linn County Conservation
10260 Morris Hills Road
Toddville, IA 52341

Gift Acceptance Policy

Linn County Conservation is continuing to work with valued donors to provide meaningful ways to contribute toward our county parks, trails, natural areas, and conservation education programs at Wickiup Hill Learning Center. Out of concern from the number of tree posts and plaques that have unintentionally impacted the natural aesthetics of our parks over the past several decades, staff has worked on policy changes to where a donation can provide a valuable improvement for the public at large who enjoy our areas for years to come. This new policy will further assist in managing operations costs, maintain park beautification efforts and offer flexibility should park changes need to be made over time.

Thank You!

 We appreciate those who have donated toward our efforts!

Volunteer Program

There are different ways you can volunteer your time with Linn County Conservation.  Contact Volunteer Coordinator Chuck Ungs to inquire about what opportunities may be available, and for an application.