My Care Community partners work together to identify needs and refer individuals and families to resources to lead safe and healthy lives. 

MCC is transforming the way community providers work together, connecting partners across sectors and can inform policy decision in this community. MCC supports individuals in communities to have more opportunities to lead healthy and happy lives.

How It Works

Joining My Care Community is easy.

  1. Visit a My Care Community partner organization.
  2. Give the ok for us to work with our partners to coordinate your care.
  3. We will connect you to the right resources and get you needed appointments, saving you time, extra phone calls and extra paperwork.

At My Care Community, your information is always safe and confidential.

Sign Up for My Care Community

It’s easy to join My Care Community. The next time you visit one of our partner organizations, just ask to sign up. You will sign a consent form to let us coordinate care with our partners and we will take care of the rest!

What are the benefits? 

  • Easily refer and connect to local opportunities and services in the community.
  • Provides information to reduce double referrals and reduces the amount of information you need to provide
  • Improves your and your families the health and well-being

Resources for individuals