Short Term Disability

The County provides a short term disability insurance plan with benefits which meet or exceed the plan currently administered for Linn County by Madison National Life Insurance Company.  The benefits include payment at 60% of the employee's pay after completion of a fourteen (14) day waiting period.  The coverage is intended to bridge the long term disability elimination period.  An employee may choose to use their accrued sick leave during an extended illness or apply for short term disability without exhausting their sick leave banks.

An employee would be responsible for paying their benefit premiums while on STD, as this income replacement benefit is paid by Madison National Life. 

The County pays the short term disability insurance monthly premiums for eligible employees.

To submit a claim for consideration, go to and file your claim. 

If you have further questions regarding STD, please contact HR at 319-892-5120 or email [email protected] 

Short Term Disability FAQ

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