Video Evidence Discovery


  1. A request form is filled out and submitted by the requesting attorney. 
  2. Said form is automatically sent to the checked law enforcement agency and the appropriate departments within that agency, dependent upon the discovery boxes you have checked. Note: If it is an OWI request, a copy of the request is also sent to the LCSO who did the OWI Processing. 
  3. As each law enforcement agency department fulfills the request, they email the information to the Linn County Attorney s Office. 
  4. When the Linn County Attorney’s Office has received all items you have requested from law enforcement, we package it together for uploading. 
  5. The package is then uploaded to 
  6. At that time, an email with a download link will be emailed to the requester. 
  7. The requester has 30 days to download the material from the day they receive the email with the download link.

You MUST have a Order on Discover CPC Video(s) on record to request CPC videos. You will also be required to bring in your own thumb drive and download the files yourself.