Sheriff's Office Personnel Complaint Form

To ensure that the public has confidence in the Sheriff's Office and our employees, we have a process in place for adequate, fair, impartial, and expedient processing of all allegations of misconduct by Sheriff's Office employees. However, the complainant should be aware that by law, a false complaint or any untrue allegations may subject him/her to criminal charges and/or civil recourse. In the event you now wish to file your complaint, please utilize the online Personnel Complaint Form provided below.

The Personnel Complaint Form (PDF) can also be downloaded and emailed to the Linn County Sheriff or mailed to the Linn County Sheriff's Office, Attn: Sheriff, 310 2nd Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404.

Linn County Sheriff's Office Personnel Complaint Form

  1. PLEASE READ BEFORE SUBMITTING: I understand that it is a violation of Section 718.6 of the Code of Iowa for a person who reports or causes to be reported false information to a fire department, a law enforcement authority, or other public safety entity, knowing that the information is false, or who reports the alleged occurrence of a criminal act knowing the act did not occur, commits a simple misdemeanor, unless the alleged criminal act reported is a serious or aggravated misdemeanor or felony, in which case the person commits a serious misdemeanor. In the event the report is proven to be false, the information may be submitted to the County Attorney for possible prosecution. As provided in Section 80F.13 of the Code of Iowa, a deputy shall have the right to bring a cause of action against any person, group of persons, organization, or corporation for damages arising from a false complaint.

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