Sustainability & Resiliency Advisory Committee


The Sustainability & Resiliency Advisory Committee was created in November 2021. The Advisory Committee will complete an annual greenhouse gas inventory for Linn County, with support from the Linn County Office of Sustainability and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. The inventory will help Linn County review and monitor progress toward the goals and objectives of Linn County’s climate resolutions. 

The Advisory Committee includes at least one member from each county supervisor district and at least one member from each climate-vulnerable community listed in Linn County’s climate resolution(s). The committee is comprised of community stakeholders from the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. All committee members must be residents of Linn County.

Members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. The committee will consist of up to 15 members who serve one-year terms. Members may serve up to three consecutive terms.  

Committee Members

NameTerm Expires
Laura Barr12/31/22
Jo Beer12/31/22
Rafaela Cadena12/31/22
Tasje Carrasco12/31/22
Sophia Demartino12/31/22
Bob Greene12/31/22
Josh Henick12/31/22
Tim Keegan12/31/22
Laura Krouse12/31/22
Preston Moore12/31/22
Emmanuel Mussamba12/31/22
A. Grant Nordby12/31/22
John Peloquin12/31/22
John Zakrasek


Meetings for the Sustainability & Resiliency Advisory Committee will be scheduled either on a regular monthly basis, or as necessary, but at least once every six months. The committee will hold its first meeting soon.

Agendas & Minutes

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