Duane Arnold Solar LLC

This webpage contains information about the Duane Arnold Solar LLC utility-scale solar project applications that NextEra has submitted to Linn County. This page is updated whenever new information is received and as the application moves through the review process.

All utility-scale solar applications in Linn County must undergo the same rigorous review process, which includes a series of public meetings. This review process is designed to review all applications thoroughly against the development standards contained in Linn County's utility-scale solar ordinance and will take several months. Additional standards may be imposed as part of the review process.

Learn about the review process here.

Applications Currently Submitted

Duane Arnold Solar I LLC

Duane Arnold Solar II LLC

Review Status

Review GroupMeeting DateVideo of MeetingReview Status
Technical Review CommitteeThursday, May 19

Planning & Zoning CommissionTBD

Board of Supervisors - First ConsiderationTBD

Board of Supervisors - Second Consideration

Board of Supervisors - Third & Final Consideration

View a flowchart (PDF) of the public meeting process.