Food Access, Resiliency, and Equity Grant Program

The current grant cycle application window is now closed. 

A second funding cycle for the FARE Grant will open July 2023. Information will be added to our website when it is available.

The Food Access, Resiliency and Equity Grant Program (FARE) is a Linn County American Rescue Plan Act funded project administered by the Linn County Food Systems Council in order to replace lost public sector revenue in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Linn County Board of Supervisors allocated $250,000 to support local food initiatives to increase food security. The funding will be awarded through multiple grant cycles.

FARE Grants will provide simple and strategic access to funding for individuals and organizations working in food access, sustainability, and capacity building, with the goal of:

  • Increasing access to local and healthy foods, 
  • Promoting equity within our food system,
  • Building capacity to handle future food related challenges 
  • Enhancing environmental quality and the natural resources,
  • Growing  the economic viability of Linn County’s food system operations; and
  • Improving the quality of life for Linn County residents and society as a whole.


DateProcess Step
December 5, 2022Application opens
December 15, 2022Application clinic with Program Coordinator
January 15, 2023Application deadline (must be submitted online by 5 p.m.)
March 15, 2023Grant funding awards announced and projects may begin
September 30, 2023Preliminary project updates with Program Coordinator
March 30, 2024Final project reports due and all funds must be spent


All grantees will be expected to provide information for ARPA reporting and program evaluation. Reporting expectations include: 

  • Allow site visit for grant reviewers if requested
  • Contribute 1-2 photos or videos for Linn County Media
  • Collect data and share information on the grant’s impact and expenditures
  • Submit a completed FARE Grant Reporting Form
  • Submit copy of all receipts over $500 along with the Expenditure Reporting Form

Round 1 Grantee Eligibility for Round 2 Funding

A second funding cycle for the FARE Grant will open July 2023. If you were awarded funding in the Round 1 (Winter) grant cycle, you are eligible to re-apply, provided:

  • You apply for the difference between your initial Round 1 award and $25,000 (For example: In Round 1, you were awarded $15,000; the maximum amount you can apply for in Round 2 is $10,000).  
    • $25,000 (Maximum grant ask) - $15,000 (Previous FARE Grant Award) = $10,000 (Eligible funding ask for Round 2)
  • You provide a detailed update on the progress of the grant you received in Round 1

Please note:

  • Funding priority goes to applicants who have not received ARPA funding.
  • Funding requests for project implementation will take priority over funding requests for salaries. However, funding for hiring professionals to build or design a project is an appropriate ask.
  • Priority is given to funding requests for self-sustaining projects after the initial project is completed. 
  • Priority is given to funding requests for local food projects.


If you have questions, need assistance with reporting, or need translation or interpretation services, please contact FARE Grant Program Coordinator Sarah by email.