2022 Residential Sales

Iowa code requires residential property to be valued at market value in odd numbered years. For the 2023 assessment year, Assessors are required to use home sale prices between buyers and sellers from the previous year. 

The dashboard below contains all the of the 2022 residential normal arm's lengths sales in Linn County (not including Cedar Rapids - for Cedar Rapids assessment information, visit the City of Cedar Rapids Assessor website). Almost all residential properties will see increases in value. These increases are part of a nationwide trend and represent the market change since Jan. 1, 2021, which means the change is over a two-year period. The market change is calculated using transactions made by buyers and sellers. 

How to Use This Dashboard

To use the dashboard on this webpage, select the city or township that you want to query for sales. You can narrow your search down by map and total living area (TLA) on page 1.

Page 2 will display your results on a map.

Page 3 is a table view. This page displays all the sales in a table format with address, map name, style, TLA, sale price, assessed value, and median ratio. This page also has a filter in the lower right corner for dwelling style.

Countywide we are required to assess property at 95%-105% of full market value. The 2022 assessed value ratio below represents the sales ratio based upon 2022 values. The 2023 assessed value ratio represents the new 2023 assessed value based upon 2022 sales. Based on the 2022 ratio, we needed to increase the total valuation. The result of this revaluation is a 99.26% ratio.