Zoning Case Applications

Apply Online - Planning, Zoning, Engineering Case Applications

Online applications are available for the following case types:

Apply for the above Planning, Zoning, Engineering case type online. 

To apply as a homeowner, we suggest you create an account to view all documents and process steps. Request Web Pin.

To apply as an engineer, surveyor, or design professional, you will be required to create an account. Request Web Pin

View existing cases, documents, and conditions.

Additional Planning, Zoning, Engineering Case Applications

All Planning, Zoning, and Engineering case types can be submitted by email, mail or drop off with a check made payable to Linn County Planning and Development, 935, 2nd St SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404. 


What is the cost for a Planning, Zoning, Engineering case application?

Is there a deadline for submitting my application for next month's agenda?

How do I find out the process for a Planning, Zoning, or Engineering case?