Healthy Homes

The Healthy Homes branch of Linn County Public Health supports residents, whether property owners or renters, to have a safe and healthy living environment through the promotion of home concepts in the community by means of education, assessment, and collaboration. 

It's vital that residents aim to keep their homes healthy by following the eight principles of a healthy home, from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD):

  1. Keep It Dry
  2. Keep It Clean
  3. Keep It Safe
  4. Keep It Well-Ventilated
  5. Keep It Pest-Free
  6. Keep It Contaminant-Free
  7. Keep Your Home Maintained
  8. Keep Your Home Thermally Controlled

Healthy Homes Services

Healthy Homes is proud to offer the following services to Linn County residents in an effort to ensure a healthy living environment:

  • Healthy Homes Assessment (referrals required)
  • Elevated Blood Lead (EBL) Case Management for Children (under the age 6), Lead Inspections/Risk Assessments, and Recommendations
  • Radon Tests (available for purchase)
  • Minimum housing inspections for parcel splits
  • Nuisance Follow-Up in Unincorporated Linn County
  • Education