All-Hazards Emergency Response Template

Linn County Sustainability and the Linn County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) recently created an All-Hazards Emergency Plan Template for community organizations. Since the 2020 derecho, multiple community organizations expressed interest in serving as Points of Resiliency in the community for residents during times of disaster. However, these organizations did not have emergency plans in place for themselves, highlighting the need for the Emergency Plan template. 

The Emergency Plan Template is currently only available to community organizations participating in the pilot program. The organizations will complete the three planning phases and then submit feedback on the process to staff. The three phases include completing the All-Hazards Emergency Plan template, participating in disaster preparedness training – also known as the Community Emergency Response Team Program (CERT), and establishing the organization as a Point of Resiliency in the community. 

What is a Point of Resiliency?

Linn County defines Points of Resiliency as local community-managed facilities that function to support residents through the coordination, deployment, and distribution of resources and services prior to, during, and in the wake of economic and natural disasters. Points of Resiliency work to mitigate the repercussions of disasters by reducing the burden on local emergency response teams, fostering greater community cohesion, and increasing the effectiveness of community-centered institutions and programs. Supported by local government, Points of Resiliency operate in a trusted, centralized location, focusing on community resilience practices (energy, social equity), providing stable resources on a day-to-day basis and in times of crisis.

Pilot Program Information

Linn County Sustainability anticipates phase one of the pilot program will take 3-4 months to complete. Following the completion of phase one, Linn County staff will use the feedback collected to update the template for maximum efficiency before making it available to all community organizations in 2024. Organizations interested in participating in the pilot program can contact the Linn County Sustainability Department via email.