Juvenile Detention and Diversion Services Advisory Committee


The Juvenile Detention & Diversion (JDDS) Advisory Committee was established to advocate for the programs provided by JDDS and for the youth involved in these programs.  The committee observes the general performance and operations, providing budget oversight and review of governing principles.  Lastly, the committee delivers an opportunity to increase communication and promote positive professional working relationships between JDDS and Juvenile Court, the schools, law enforcement and other organizations, groups or departments that are concerned with juvenile justice and child welfare issues.

The committee is made up of no less than 12 members and each member serves a three-year term with opportunity for reappointment.  The Committee shall strive to maintain a well-balanced and representative membership, generally reflecting the character and makeup of the community as a whole and adequately representing all segments of the juvenile justice/child welfare system.

Committee Members (three-year terms)

NameTerm Expires
Julie Martin12/31/2025
Shannon Powers12/31/2026
Judge Angie Johnston12/31/2023
Lt. Tony Robinson12/31/2023
Major Matt Sandvick12/31/2025
Tom Daubs12/31/2026
Kevin Bailey/Gabe Cook12/31/2026
Erin Altheide12/31/2026
Lynette Jacoby12/31/2026
Mike Hines12/31/2026
Erin Langdon12/31/2026
John Zielke12/31/2026
Dan Louzek12/31/2026
Jeff Sherrman12/31/2026
Jen Lehman12/31/2026
Melissa Tandy12/31/2026
David ThielenLinn County Community Services Executive Director 
Dawn SchottLinn County Juvenile Detention & Diversion Services Director
William WrightLinn County Juvenile Detention & Diversion Services Assistant Director
Sam ParhamLinn County Juvenile Detention & Diversion Services Secretary
Kirsten Running-MarquardtLinn County Board of Supervisors


The committee meets quarterly, the last Friday in January, April, July, and October at 12:00 p.m. at the Linn County Juvenile Detention Center, 800 Walford Rd., Cedar Rapids.