Solar Dashboard

Are you interested in learning more about adding solar to your home, small business, or nonprofit? Linn County has created an interactive solar dashboard to help Linn County residents access available funding to put solar on their homes, small businesses, or nonprofits. The dashboard provides information related to local solar installers, outlines the process for going solar, and maps the existing solar systems installed in Linn County. 

The Linn County Sustainability & Resiliency Committee hosted the "Linn County Inflation Reduction Act Webinar: Empowering Homes, Businesses, and Nonprofits with Solar Opportunities” on Dec. 19, 2023.  The webinar showed how to access funding through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and how to use the power of solar energy to mitigate inflation-related challenges related to energy and utility bills.

Download the webinar slides or watch the recording of the webinar to learn how you can save money on your utility bill for your home, small business, or nonprofit.

Webinar Slides

Solar Dashboard & IRA Solar Opportunities (short version - PDF)

Solar Dashboard & IRA Solar Opportunities (longer version - PDF)

Interactive Dashboard

Linn County Solar Energy Dashboard

View the solar dashboard on a desktop computer for best results.