Fare Schedule

Within the Metro Area

The basic cost of a one-way ride is $2. Riders must pay when boarding the vehicle. The correct fare must be paid in cash or tokens. Some merchants will pay for your return ride when you shop at their store, by providing you with a "return ride pass" after you complete your shopping. Drivers are NOT able to provide change. Riders who do not have the proper fare will not be transported.

Metro Area: One-Way Fare

  • Individuals With Disabilities: $2
  • Senior Citizens: $2
  • General Public: Not Eligible

If you need a personal care attendant (a person or persons necessary for your health care), authorization must be approved by Cedar Rapids Transit. This will be asked on the eligibility application for LIFTS. It will allow the attendant(s) to ride for free. Please notify the scheduler at the time the ride is requested if you have an attendant.

Companions are different than personal care attendants. One companion is eligible to ride with you for the regular fare. Extra companions (persons traveling with you simply for convenience) are permitted as availability allows. Each companion will pay $2 per one-way trip.

Outside the Metro Area

The cost of a ride outside the metro area is $2.00 one way for senior citizens and individuals with a disability. The cost for the general public is $6.00 one way.

Outside Metro Area (Within Linn County): One-Way Fare

  • Individuals With Disabilities: $2
  • Senior Citizens: $2
  • General Public: $6