Additional Resources & Information 

Community Resources

Local Residential Providers

There are many local residential providers in Linn County to assist you with your additional needs, including:

Local Transportation Providers

If you need transportation assistance, there are several options throughout Linn County, including:

More Information about Options

Options is proud to provide a high-quality service to Linn County residents each year, which includes being accredited by CARF and providing a variety of assistive devices.

Accreditation by CARF 

The Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) is an independent, nonprofit organization. Their focus is on ensuring the services you use to meet your needs for quality and the best possible outcomes. CARF reviews and grants accreditation to services nationally and internationally on request of a facility or program. CARF standards are rigorous, so those services that meet them are among the best available. Options of Linn County is accredited by CARF in community integration and organizational services. Options has been accredited by CARF for over 30 years.

Assistive Technology

A number of people at Options use assistive devices to help them with daily activities. Some devices are available commercially, while others are custom-designed and created for Options by Rockwell Collins Retiree Volunteers (RCRV) a local organization of retired engineers. For more information about RCRV contact Options at 319-892-5800.