Options Code of Ethical Conduct

The Options of Linn County "Code of Ethical Conduct" embodies certain standards of conduct expected of all Options' staff members. The essential values and ethical behaviors required include placing personal commitment to options above self-interest, obedience of, and commitment to the law; truthfulness; fairness; striving to apply resources responsibly; and striving for excellence in all work performed. All Options staff members are responsible for following this code. An Options of Linn County staff member:

  • Respects the dignity of every consumer and commits himself/herself to enabling each consumer to live and work in society and to utilize their individual abilities, allowing for as much independence as possible
  • In providing service must never be influenced by a person's ethnic background, race, religion, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation
  • Recognize the individuality of each consumer and his/her need for personal support and training (An Options staff member has the responsibility to always act in the best interest of the consumers.)
  • Respects the privacy of each consumer
  • Recognizes that information about consumers is confidential and abides by the Options confidentiality statement
  • Is responsible and accountable for all his/her actions
  • Is ethically obligated to report unsafe practices and illegal or unethical conduct that comes to his/her attention, including conduct by primary caregivers, other professional and business contacts, Linn County employees and transportation personnel
  • Will create an atmosphere in which excellence in service is encouraged and rewarded
  • Will cooperate with other human service professionals to provide quality service
  • Agrees to support the mission statement of Options and work toward its implementation