Construction Projects

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View an interactive map that contains information about Linn County secondary road and bridge construction projects scheduled for 2020.

Project Schedules

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Information regarding typical County projects are listed below: 

Concrete Paving

The roads scheduled for concrete overlays will be closed to all traffic during paving. Local traffic will be allowed on the concrete pavement as soon as joints are sealed and maturity is reached (typically within 40 hours). The contractor is required to allow local access as soon as possible. All residents adjacent to the concrete paving are encouraged to plan travel accordingly during construction. There will be times when access is not possible for local traffic. If this is a concern, parking your vehicle at the nearest point of relief and walking to your home will be required.

Grading Projects

A typical grading project involves replacing or extending crossroad and entrance culverts, cleaning ditches to improve drainage, curing snow trap areas, removing obstructions (trees, landscaping, headwalls) within the right of way, flattening slopes, etc. Traffic count determines the amount and type of rock placed on the road. Gravel roads with a traffic count over 150 vehicles per day (VPD) will generally receive a 3-inch macadam stone (1-3-inch sized rock) base with a 3-inch choke stone (three fourths inch plus sized rock) surface layer.

Entrance Policy (Paved & Non-Paved)

As per Linn County policy (PDF), driveways are the responsibility of the property owner and a permit is required for the initial access and any additional work to that entrance once it is constructed. A typical activity requiring a permit is paving the driveway out to the County road. This permit can help reduce future costs to the property owner and taxpayer by constructing the drive to meet County specifications and coordinating with possible future projects.

All drives (concrete, asphalt, rock, etc.) will receive a granular taper during paving projects to allow for the difference in elevation due to the new paving. Additional rock is available for purchase from Linn County for $15 per ton if the property owner would like more rock. Please contact Linn County by calling 319-892-6400 if you would like to purchase rock during the project. During grading projects, Linn County will work with property owners to use existing drives or to improve drives to fit current needs. The owner pays for the culvert needed and the county will install the culvert and place the required fill. This is an opportunity to locate and widen drives for modern farm equipment and flatten slopes. Rock needed for the drive is the owner’s responsibility and can be purchased from Linn County during the project for $15 per ton.