Alternative Detention Initiative (ADI)


A community based program geared towards keeping youth in the family home while maintaining community ties and support systems.

Program Description

Alternative Detention Initiative (ADI) provides services in Linn County only. Referrals are made at the discretion of the court. The ADI Program provides in-home supervision that can be used by the court in lieu of secure detention. ADI staff supervise youth seven days a week in the youth's home via frequent contact, both in-person and by telephone. In some cases, electronic monitoring is used to make certain that conditions of home confinement are being honored. This alternative creates an avenue in which youth can continue with school or work and maintain their community ties and support systems. At the same time, high levels of oversight and accountability are maintained to ensure public safety.

The ADI program is designed to ensure that youth appear at their court hearings and do not re-offend between the time they're released from secure custody and the time they return to court for their dispositional hearing. The degree of program intensity is determined by the Juvenile Court contingent upon the child's supervision needs. Four levels of supervision are available and youth may move between the levels depending upon their behavior and compliance with specific conditions.

ADI was expanded in 2020 to cover Johnson County. This program is known as ADI South.