A community-based program designed to reduce reliance on secure detention while maintaining public safety.

Program Description

Tracking provides in-home supervision and outreach services to youth who have committed delinquent acts and are at risk to re-offend. The level of supervision varies depending upon the child's risk assessment and other identified needs. Trackers provide services to children in their home as requested by the Juvenile Court such as supervision, which includes frequent face-to-face and telephone contacts, curfew checks, monitoring of school attendance, employment obligations, court appearances and compliance with other court-ordered expectations. These youth may be placed on electronic monitoring if the need exists. Tracking staff closely monitor the youth, seven days a week.

The tracker may be required to collect urine specimens, monitor community service requirements or transport clients to medical appointments, court appearances or other scheduled appointments. Trackers work closely with the youth, family, schools and the Juvenile Court Office to insure that conditions of the court are being honored and provide the court with risk control measures to deter recidivism.

Referrals will only be accepted upon order of the Court. Tracking services are contracted with Linn, Johnson, Jones, Benton and Iowa Counties.